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Product Data Management White Papers
wp Learn more about the benefits of implementing data management into the design process.
How often do you find yourself spending valuable time searching for a model or a file? Have you ever had to recreate a model because you could not find the original? Have you ever spent time creating a design only to discover later that one of your colleagues had previously modeled a similar design that would have met your needs? If you are not using an integrated product data management (PDM) system, chances are you can relate to these time-consuming scenarios.
Product data management systems perform a variety of tasks to help collaborate, control, connect, and communicate information throughout an engineering organization. Getting the most out of your PDM efforts starts with the Intelligent PDM Vault from SolidWorks.
PDMWorks Enterprise software helps today's information-rich, 3D product development organizations control, manage, and share the growing volume of diverse product design data they generate through the use of better, more automated CAD tools.
All design engineering, product development, and manufacturing organizations need an automated solution for managing, utilizing, and leveraging 3D CAD design data. Choosing the most suitable PDM or PLM system, however, can be challenging for most manufacturers.
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