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elecworks 2D

Software for design of automation projects

Elecworks™ lets you enter data project data from the preliminary research stages.
A huge part of the project planning can be achieved without having to do any scheme diagrams, this is thanks to the processing tools such as the Line Diagram and Components Management features.

Elecworks™ has been developed as an electrical CAD system for use by design engineering professionals. Scheme diagrams employ intelligent wiring and internationally recognized symbols standards that provides seamless continuity of project data.

elecworks™ for SolidWorks

Electrical design in 3D
For any SolidWorks user from the engineering consultancies to panel builders, elecworks™ allows data sharing between 3D models and the automation directly from the SolidWorks menu.
Elecworks™ marks a revolution in electrical engineering, designed for mechanical and electrical team collaboration, elecworks™ allows users to work on all areas of a digital installation feasibility in real time, whether it be the line diagram, schemes, equipment management or Input/Output tables.

Elecworks™ for SolidWorks lets you realize 3D assemblies and/or cabinets, insert 3D parts, project terminal strips... with real time consistency checking and updates. 2D native DWG files are automatically generated to complete project documentation. Elecworks™ for SolidWorks works for any of three SolidWorks options: Standard / Professional / Premium

3D Routing & cabling module
elecworks™ for SolidWorks
3D cabinets or machines wiring carried out automatically using the shortest possible route.

3D Routing & cabling module, (requires SolidWorks Routed Systems), enables cabinet and/or machine 3D wiring, with optimization and wire length calculation.

Main Features
  • Optimized Point to point cabling
  • Cable segregation
  • Raceway fill factor calculations
  • Cable length calculations
elecworks™ PDM link
Integration of electrical project data within PDM systems
Designed to work with generic PDM / PLM links, customization is available for advanced integration in non EPDM systems.

Elecworks™ PDM link enables EPDM to control data access, manage revision control and full documentation through new automated capabilities.

elecworks™ Harness
Electrical Wire Harness design

elecworks™ 2012 sees the introduction of the dedicated Harness module, thanks to the unique team collaboration tools, electrical and mechanical engineers can avoid errors while streamlining their harness design by utilizing the strengths of each discipline.


Due to the transparent interface between elecworks™ and SolidWorks, the Harness manager allows users in elecworks™ 2D and/or SolidWorks 3D to create and define all aspects of projects harnesses these are realized in both programs in real time guarantying data consistency.

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Intelligent machining, through automation.
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