SolidWorks Simulation offers powerful design validation tools tightly integrated inside SolidWorks, that allow you to easily,see the behavior of your designs when you subject them to the same conditions that they'll experience in the real world,These
These tools will not only help you to predict the life of your products & improve, their quality but also help you to save money by optimizing material utilization and saving your costs on physical prototypes and testing.
When it comes to choosing the best design for your project, do you:

Go with your gut?
Over-engineer it, cross your fingers and hope for the best?
Methodically test a series of expensive physical prototypes?
Now there is a better way

Test your designs virtually before you build them, with design validation tools from SolidWorks.
You can use SolidWorks Simulation to answer questions such as:

Will moving parts clash or interfere with one another?
How much stress and deflection on a part will undergo in certain load ?
What effect the temperature will have on the structure ?
What is the buckling factor ?
How will the product respond to external vibrations ?
Is there enough air circulation for effective heat dissipation.
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