Plastic Injection Simulation
SimpoeWorks FILL, the base module, simulates part filling. SimpoeWorks FILL includes the powerful pre- and post treatment functionalities developed by SIMPOE, as well as the built-in material library of a few thousands references, which can be also customized in a few mouse clicks. Thanks to SIMPOE's advanced algorithms, SimpoeWorks automatically meshes the part in the blink of an eye. SimpoeWorks FILL results include visualization of the melt front, weld lines, air traps, temperature and pressure distributions, shear rate and constraints, clamping forces, and etc.
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SimpoeWorks PACK, which simulates the packing phase.
SimpoeWorks COOL, for the simulation of thermal regulation during the injection process, allowing you to define the optimum process time. Channels libraries can be defined in SolidWorks for a later use with SimpoeWorks.
SimpoeWorks WARP simulates part deformation after mold opening. Deformations can be visualized in either direction, or globally, and the effects of residual constraints as well as material shrinkage displayed separately. The user can select his/her own reference system.
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