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Certain issues faced by manufacturing industry today:

• On time delivery of projects.
• Rework in the shop floor due to incorrect drawings.
• Product standardization/modularization to achieve quick deliveries at lower costs.
• Optimize usage of material for keeping costs low to remain competitive yet profitable.
• Manufacture products with predictable life.
• Increase market share by designing innovative products.

We believe that a major factor contributing to the above mentioned areas of worries is an inefficient design process. We at IDSPL have over the period of last 11 years of working closely with a variety of manufacturing companies have helped them to overcome these issue by helping them in:

• Beating the competition by designing better products and bringing them faster to the market.
• Beating the rising input costs by designing the products optimally for weight, strength and life.
• Reduce new product development time and cost by modularizing and automating design.
• Developing working practices in the design department that improves the efficiency consider ably.

A large number of our customers have agreed to have achieved the following results after getting associated with us:

• Reduction in Product Development costs upto 50%.
• Reduction in New Product Development time upto 45%.
• Reduction in Post Design Issues upto 80%.
• Reduction in Drawing Errors upto 90%.
• Reduction in Prototyping and Product Testing Cost upto 75%.

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